Secondary Transfer

Year 5 Powerpoint Presentation with Audio


Buckinghamshire has two sorts of mainstream secondary schools - grammar schools and upper/all-ability schools.

  • Grammar schools admit children based on their performance in the Secondary Transfer Test
  • Upper/all-ability schools admit any child, regardless of ability

Each of the thirteen grammar schools in Buckinghamshire is its own Admission Authority. For the purpose of Secondary Transfer Testing, the thirteen schools work together as The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS). 

GL Assessment has provided the Secondary Transfer Test for the past few years.

Pupils will take the Secondary Transfer Test during the autumn term of Year 6, but parents can choose to opt out of the test.  You must write to the Headteacher if you choose to opt out.  The test is designed to assess a child’s suitability for grammar school. The skills measured in the test should make sure that your child will go to a school that can best meet their educational needs. 

The test will establish whether your child can think through and work out verbal, mathematical and non-verbal problems. This gives your child the chance to show their skills in different ways - using words, numbers and pictures or diagrams.

Each child will work through a Familiarisation booklet at home. This makes sure your child has the chance to see the style of the tests and to try out some of the question types. Your child will also take a Practice Test before taking the Secondary Transfer Test.

On this page you will find the link to the Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer web page for further information.