"'Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential' "
Winston Churchill

Eco Council

The Eco Council is organised and run by Mrs Szczupak and with a wonderful and diligent team of pupils from Year 1-Year 6, they have done lots to ensure that our school has become more eco-friendly over the past two years.  

The first task this group carried out was an environmental review, looking at the following areas and scoring our school:
School Grounds
Healthy Living 
Global Citizenship
Transport – we scored 1/6

They have changed the paper recycling process in school. We now have communal bins that the eco reps empty class paper waste into at the end of each day.

They procured new bins from the council for recycling waste and we now send our food waste to the council. They send it to an anaerobic digestion plant and it releases methane gas. This makes electricity and generates fertiliser. The school now has two compost bins that are regularly used in the garden.  KS1 have a brown food waste bin emptied weekly into the compost bins.

In order to save energy the Eco Team now switch off lights in classrooms and smartboards that have been left on. They participated in the Great Big Battery Hunt and have collected a huge amount of batteries for recycling. There are specific collection points in school now for used batteries. 

In order to encourage healthy living this group organised:
Running a mile on Fridays at 12.45pm.
Grandparents gardening - where the children and their grandparents had an afternoon of planting vegetables with their grandparents, Mr Jefferies and Mrs Golding.

In December 2019, the Eco team had a working lunch with Mrs Kheng from the Chiltern district council, followed by a meeting in which they discussed many issues such as; plans for the great British Tidy in March 2020, and for Earth Day in April 2020.  They came up with the very sensible plan to try to reduce using  plastic as they found out that a lot of plastic cannot be recycled or disposed of safely in our country.