"'The strength of the team is each individual member.'"
Phil Jackson

Junior Leadership Team

In Key Stage 2, pupils from each class are invited to apply for the role of a junior leader. After accepting an invitation to interview, pupils produce and present a speech, delivered to leaders within the school, highlighting the qualities and attributes that will enable them to support the leadership and make improvements within the school.

In order to join the JLT, students will need to demonstrate leadership qualities, such as being an exceptional role model and an ambassador with the high ideals that St Joseph’s School strives to represent. This includes being proactive, open-minded, collaborative, confident, and willing to take into account the broad range of views of our pupils while keeping learning as the focus of all decision making. JLT members will also demonstrate a capacity for development and will have opportunities to further those leadership skills. 

The JLT meet regularly with the Headteacher to discuss and evaluate learning – improving the school experience for all pupils, ensuring that they are ready for the next step of their learning journey.

Bailee - Rae (Year 6)
Elijah (Year 6)
Reuben (Year 5)
Jesus (Year 5)
Rosalind (Year 4)
Minnie (Year 4)
Rayan (Year 4)
Cleo (Year 3)
Neha (Year 3)