We engage, inspire and challenge children in Art at St Joseph's, equipping children with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own art, craft and design.

We ensure the children develop the ability to become proficient at using a range of equipment, techniques and media to create their own art work. We encourage children to be open minded at discussing their own art work and that of famous artists, architects and designers in history.

Look at the progression of our perfect portraits!

A Dotty Day 

We were inspired by Peter Reynold book, 'The Dot' and process art. Look at our creations...

Well-being whole school art day!

A wonderful whole school day, inspired by literature and art to promote well-being for all our school community.

Just a few of our amazing Royal Mail Stamp Competition entries celebrating all our heroes!

Can you guess who are heroes are?

Links to support your creativity!

The Craft Council - Uses minimal resources

The Tate Gallery - Lots of information and activities from The Tate, London

The National Portrait Gallery - Virtual tour

New York Art Museum - Virtual tours and information on different projects.

Digital Art Ideas - Create art at home using your art or phone.

Crayola - Useful free resources.

Art For Kids Hub - Excellent step by step drawing resource for children

Paul Carney Art - Free on-line art lessons

Draw With Rob - Free drawing lessons

Mr Doodle - Inspiration to mark make and doodle