History is the study of the past. The study of history helps us to make sense of things that have happened in the past and to develop a clearer understanding of why things may happen in the future.

Historians are people who study different periods in history. They search for clues and evidence to inform us of events and look for reasons why these occurred. They look for evidence in primary sources - things such as diaries, photographs, letters and newspapers that were written at the time. These are the best way to immerse oneself into the past and imagine what life may have been like. 

Some of these records are extremely old and delicate and some have been damaged over time.  This can make investigating difficult. Some historians, are archaeologists. They search for evidence of the past in the ruins of buildings and artefacts buried in the ground.  

Here at St Joseph's, we want all pupils to be historians. 

Take a look through some of these websites and investigate the past!

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