Year 6 Buddies

At St Joseph’s, by the time our pupils reach Year 6, they have grown into exceptional role models and are paired with a Reception pupil to share various experiences with and provide support and inspiration to them.

Our buddy programme is central to the settling in process of our new Reception children and is one that our older, Year 6 pupils take on with great responsibility. So far this year, they have shared a 'Welcome Liturgy' and supported them in the lunch hall as well as with their reading!   

We also run a “Playground Buddy Scheme” where children from Year 6 and can choose to enrol as a play buddy to the children in Foundation Stage and KS1 during lunchtimes. The aim of the scheme is to encourage children to be good role models and it plays an important part in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for children during lunchtime. It also gives them some feeling of responsibility. Not only do they help to make the playground a happy place for all the children, they also offer great help to the staff on duty at lunch.