The Friends of St. Joseph's School

The Friends of St. Joseph's School began in 1998 as an additional fund raising body to the school's Parents Association (PA). It was registered as a charitable trust which made corporate support for charitable donations possible. The Friends and the PA joined forces to unite fund-raising efforts for events and also established the Class Parents System. This enabled the Friends to call on volunteers from across the whole school network to share the many tasks and ease the workload involved.

The Friends are a volunteering group of parents who organise many events to raise funds for the school. The Friends are organised into a co-ordination committee, class parents and event helpers.

The Friends contribute significant funds to the annual school budget for many educational needs and various specific projects which improve the school.

The Friends have a voluntary parental contribution scheme and the trust is able to reclaim the tax on donations made by covenant, Gift Aid or give-as-you-earn.

The official name of the charity is The Friends of St. Joseph's School (registered charity no. 1069943).