Remote Learning Zone

Microsoft Teams is digital platform that enables teachers to keep in touch with children remotely. Pupils can access support from their class teacher and use apps such as Word and PowerPoint from home in the event of a whole class having to isolate due to COVID-19. All of this can be accessed by your child by simply logging in to Microsoft Teams using the email and password that has been sent home. Please find the link for Teams below. 

Microsoft Teams is a safe and secure environment that lets teachers communicate with pupils, share files, videos and useful websites and give feedback directly to the pupils. There is also a function to schedule safe, secure Live Lessons for children in the class, or with groups smaller groups of children. 

St Joseph's staff will use Microsoft Teams for remote learning during whole class isolation/closure, as well as continuing to use 'Tapestry' to upload activities and give feedback. 

Should have parents have any issues logging in or queries regarding remote learning, we ask you to contact the school office by phone or email.

Specific information regarding year groups and their timetables can be accessed on the links below.

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