St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Advent Term


Hello and welcome to our Pre school page


This half term our topic is 'Marvellous me'. This is a great topic to start the year with and will help with the new independence and transition that is the start of the Pre school journey.

We will be looking at all the things that make us amazing!

The children will have an opportunity to explore what makes them special and think about all the people and things that are special to them. 

We will be mark making, painting and taking part in lots of sensory activities. 


When looking at ourselves we will learn to;

  • Feel confident.  
  • Be independent. 
  • Feel proud. 
  • Learn about each other. 
  • Understand that we are special. 


During this term we will  be having some very special visitors. Living eggs are coming to visit for two weeks. The children will get a unique opportunity to watch eggs hatch and look after baby chicks. 



Remember to keep checking Tapestry for resources to help support your child's learning. This can be found at: 

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Pre-School Curriculum