St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Support Us

As you our aware, St Joseph’s School has had ongoing building work and roof issues. We want to ensure that this work does not detract from the experience your child will have here at St Joseph’s and want to continue to make additional enhancements that will benefit all children that come through our school. 


In order to achieve any of the dreams that we have developed, we will need your help: the help of past and present pupils and families, the help of local and connected business and finally the help of our local parish.

We are looking for members of our school community to support us and you can do this in many ways:


  1.  Financially – as a voluntary aided school we need to pay the 10% contribution towards any building works.  With a bill of approximately of £150,000 for the key Stage 2 roof, in which the school will have a bill of £15,000, any amount that you can contribute will help to pay this bill.  You can do this by going straight to your ParentPay account and donating an amount of your choice, gift aiding your donation.
  2. Match Funding - Many companies throughout the UK offer employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by 'matching' the money they raise.  This means that if £500 is raised by the school, a company can match fund the £500, making a total of £1000.
  3. Providing resources – we are hoping to improve our outside grounds and require materials in order to do so.  You may know of a company willing to donate some materials in order to aid us with this.  Please contact the office at if you are able to support us in this way.
  4. Giving time – you may be creative or artistic and have a few spare hours over the weekend.  If you are willing to aid with the building or painting of a new project, please contact the school office.
  5. Supporting your child – grow a sunflower to ‘raise the roof’ is a good way for us to get the children involved to raise money for our roofs.  Please support your child in becoming involved. 

All works that we carry out will benefit your child and ensure that money raised by the friends for your child is not spent on repairing the building.